Railway lifter system

Railway lifter system

SKU : Railway_lifter_system
Kuttruff type railway lifter system in three different colour variants, including a control panel. Models built with many details, using a special script in surveyor mode, it is possible to pick up the girder and assign a number and information plates on the lifter, and open or close the cover in the control panel. Textures are made of high quality photographs. Information about the model: Total poly count per model - 990 , graphics/textures - 169 KB, single level LOD. Before unpacking the compressed folder, please read the text of the enclosed license. The archive contains all unwanted components, excluding those built into the game, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the addons in the game. Tested in the version: Trainz A New Era + SP3, build 94916, not sure if it will work properly in older versions of the game, but you can try. Attention: The items shown in the images are not part of the lifts set, they are only a background for an improved presentation of the models.

t3d 273190 t3d 273191 t3d 273192

t3d 273193 t3d 273194 t3d 273195

Game T:ANE (94916)
Level of Detail  1
Texture size  169 KB
Total poly count  990

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