1. General provisions
a) The contracting party making a purchase in the Traizove3D e-shop, hereinafter referred to as the Customer, is a natural or legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality.
b) The condition to use the service is registration at https://trainzove3d.co and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the e-shop and other terms and conditions.
c) When the registration process is completed correctly, the Customer will be identified by login or e-mail address and password. The Customer undertakes to protect his or her login and password, to make the password available to third parties and the unauthorized use of these data shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.
d) Customer data entered in the registration form or order are entered into the database of the online store with his consent and are processed only to enable customers to use the online store, they are not in any way made available to other entities.
e) Lack of filling in the required fields during registration will make it impossible to register in the service.
f) Items of the transaction are the products presented at https://trainzove3d.co at the time of placing an order.
g) All prices on the e-shop's website are given in currency Euro €. The price given in the order form is binding at the time of order placement.

2. Orders
a) The online shop accepts orders via the form on the website https://trainzove3d.co
b) An order is not tantamount to its acceptance, information provided by Trainzove3D about the acceptance of an order, based on the acceptance of an offer by both parties, sent by e-mail, is tantamount to the conclusion of a purchase contract binding on both parties to the transaction.
c) Trainzove3D may refuse to process questionable, unconfirmable or incorrectly filled in forms.
d) Due to its nature, the purchased products are not returnable.
e) You can change your order by contacting Trainzove3D via e-mail.
f) If an mistake is noticed after sending the order to the Customer, the general provisions of the Civil Code on defects in the declaration of intent shall apply.

3. Payments
a) Payments for the products can be made by the customer only through the PayPal online payments system.
b) The order is processed after the payment is registered in the account Traizove3D, which in the instant payment system PayPal takes place immediately.

4. Shipment and receiving of products
a) Delivery of products is by generating separate and unique links for each of the ordered products, and sending them to the Customer's e-mail address during the registration process.
b) By clicking on the link you will start the download procedure. The customer has the possibility to make two attempts to download files, if for some reason the download fails, the customer is obliged to inform Trainzove3D about the situation by e-mail.

5. Warranty and complaints
a) The products available in the Trainzove3D Online Shop are under warranty.
b) In case of damage to downloaded files, please report this fact by e-mail, it is also necessary to send a screenshot confirming the damaged file to the e-mail address.
c) If the above requirements are not complied with, the complaint will be rejected.
d) The customer is required to back up the files himself, but has no right to use the files for purposes other than his own use.
e) Trainzove3D guarantees the proper operation of files in the simulator version specified in the description of each product.

6. License

1.General provisions:
a) The Software is intellectual property, which is protected by copyright.
b) This Software is licensed. It is NOT sold.
c) All copyrights and other intellectual property rights are expressly reserved and are NOT transferred in any way under this license.
d) Return of the software / asset is not possible due to its nature.

2. Illegal actions of the user are:
a) Editing raster graphics and 3D graphics, as well as other files included in the software / asset package.
b) Resale of software / asset.
c) Publishing the software / assets in their entirety, as well as its components on any websites, forums, P2P networks, as well as in supporting packages for maps published under any license.

3. Additional information:
a) Prior to delivery, the packages have been scanned with antivirus software and do not contain viruses or spyware.
b) Trainzove3D, despite making every effort to ensure that the software is free of any defects, does not give any warranty for the correct operation of the hardware and system configuration of the user's computer.
c) Unpacking compressed files is tantamount to reading and accepting the terms of this license.

Acceptance of this license is a condition of using the online shop.
The license will not be revoked if the user illegally acquires possession of the file.

The user license is published in English and is valid regardless of the nationality or citizenship of the customer using the online store and the use of the products posted.